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By Vincent | 07 August 2019 | 0 Comments

Whether the elderly need sex

The elderly are also normal people, normal sexual life is essential, but the sexual life of the elderly should be done according to their abilities, not too hastily. Some older people mistakenly believe that abstinence can prolong life. As a result, in their sixties, they stopped doing housework. Modern medicine believes that long abstinence in the elderly will lead to the loss of sexual function. Because abstinence destroys the balance of the body, reduces the secretion of sex hormones, suppresses human sexual instincts, and the aggregated sexual desire of the human body can not be released, on the contrary, it will cause damage to the human spirit and body.
Studies have shown that Abstinents have an aging and mortality rate of more than 30% higher than those who have normal sex. The normal use of sexual organs can delay the decline of sexual function and maintain the normal secretion of sex hormones. If you don't use it for a long time, your sexual organs will decline and atrophy and become useless.
So what should the elderly pay attention to in their sexual life?
  1. Sexual time
Sexual life in young adulthood usually takes place after going to bed at night, which is not necessarily suitable for the elderly. Older people tend to be tired. After a day's activity, they will feel tired. How can they be interested in sex? Therefore, the sexual life of the elderly should be carried out after sleeping or before getting up in the morning. Because, after rest, both spiritual and physical strength are restored, which is easier for both sides to get sexual satisfaction. Older people do not have sex only at night, when the sexual impulse comes, as long as the living environment permits, it can be carried out at any time.
  1. Sexual frequency
The sexual life of the elderly should be based on the physical endurance of men. For those aged 60-65, it is advisable to do it once every 2-3 weeks, and for those aged 65-70, it is advisable to do it once every 4-6 weeks. If you are in good health, you can shorten the time and increase the number of times according to your sexual desire. In a word, it should be based on sexual satisfaction after the event and not fatigue or discomfort.
  1. Decreased body fat
Old people's body fat decreases, which makes them more afraid of cold, and the body's ability to regulate cold and hot is weakened. Therefore, the elderly should pay attention to the regulation of room temperature in sexual life, avoid cold in winter and sweat collapse in summer.
  1. Muscle atrophy
Due to muscle atrophy, muscle contractility, flexibility and endurance are reduced, so attention should be paid to maintaining muscle strength through appropriate activities. Because the muscle strength of the elderly is poor and not so flexible, we should also pay attention to the movement not too strong and too large, in order to avoid back pain, muscle soreness, or even unnecessary muscle damage, and pay attention to the choice of more labor-saving positions (such as lateral position).
  1. Choice of Sexual Objects
With the increase of age and the decline of physical function, the female hormone in the body decreases, and the demand for sexual life decreases. So many women refuse or hate sex in old age. So what should men do? Obviously, it is not wise to force a partner to have sex, which can also lead to tension between husband and wife. There are also some men who lose their wives and have no female partners in their later years. So how can they solve this need? Realistic sex dolls should be able to help him solve this problem. Adult dolls can always meet his needs and obey his requirements. She can also be the object of the widowed elderly, so that the elderly can speak to her heart, reduce loneliness.

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