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By Vincent | 10 July 2019 | 0 Comments

What harm does hypersexuality do to men

Some men show
strong sexual desire in daily life, which is usually caused by hypersexuality and is an abnormal manifestation. Such a man is not only difficult to control his desires, it’s more serious that it is easy to do some harmful things because the desires can not be satisfied.  Sexual experts give a detailed introduction and description of the harm of hypersexuality, which is related to several factors.
Harm of hypersexuality
1. Harm to society: It may lead to prostitution, prostitution, rape, incest and other acts that endanger social stability and harmony, leading patients to commit crimes.
2. Spiritual injury: Spiritual long-term occupied by sexual desire, if not satisfied, will inevitably lead to mental depression, inattention.
3. Physical hazards: Because of never being satisfied with sexual behavior, various organs of the body will inevitably lead to a series of hazards in the case of long-term operation without rest.
4. Harm to the feelings of both husband and wife: Sexual intercourse occurs naturally when both husband and wife have desires and demands, and the process should be enjoyed by both sides. But if one side always asks uncontrollably, it will probably arouse the other side's disgust or even disgust. Make the other person fear. And it will endanger the feelings of both husband and wife.
Hypersexuality is associated with three factors
1. Physiological factors
This is also one of the causes of male hypersexuality, mainly secondary to neuroendocrine disorders caused by various diseases, such as pituitary tumors, Leydig cell tumors of the testis, intracranial tumors and so on.
2. Psychological factors
Influenced by some sexual cultures, especially love stories, videos, love services, etc., overstimulation leads to sexual disorders and long-term hypersexuality of patients; there are mental disorders or cognitive disorders, such as mania, schizophrenia.
3. Drug factors
For example, direct use of gonadotropic hormones and testosterone drugs, long-term use of drugs and foods that can lead to elevated levels of such hormones and decreased metabolism in the body can lead to increased sexual interest; use of drugs that can improve nerve excitability and sensitivities to the erogenous zone, such as taking certain "aphrodisiac drugs" and "aphrodisiac drugs" can lead to increased sexual interest.
Warm Tips: Firstly, we should force ourselves to control the desire in the brain and try to calm down our mind. Secondly, in normal life, try to minimize exposure to those sex-related things, such as porn pictures or pornographic scenes in movies and TV plays, and so on.

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