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By Weber | 06 November 2019 | 0 Comments

The difference of built-in vagina and movable vagina

With the development and popularity of sex dolls, they have become better in some minor details. For example, for the vagina, most of today's sex doll merchants can offer two choices. One is the built-in vagina, the other is the insertion of movable vagina, but what is the difference between the two kinds of vagina?
Both types of vagina have their own advantages and disadvantages. The built-in vaginal sex dolls have a non-removable and permanent vagina, which makes them look more like a real woman. Most fans who like the built-in vagina think that the built-in vagina provides a more compact and realistic feeling. But there are undeniably two advantages to inserting a removable vagina. When you put different vaginal barrels inside the love doll to form a complete vagina, you can enjoy different sizes of sexual pleasure, which is built-in vagina cannot give you. The other is that insertible and removable vagina has great convenience in hygiene and cleaning. The built-in vagina is inconvenient to clean, and you need to consider that mobile dolls are very heavy and difficult. The more you use it, the more vulnerable it will inevitably be to damage or obsolescence, and the worse the damage and obsolescence of the vagina. But the built-in vagina can't be replaced, and the removable vagina can be inserted and replaced at will.
The vagina of a replacement doll needs a certain way or method. If your method is wrong, it may damage realistic sex dolls. Below I will teach you the right steps to make you more accurate handling of the vagina

Step 1: Make sure the hands are clean and tidy
Because you are in deep contact with sex dolls, if your hands are dirty, it may contaminate and dirty the inside of sex dolls. If you can, you need a clean disposable glove to assist you.
Step 2: Place your sex dolls
The correct posture and position of the sex doll can make it easy and smooth for you to disassemble and assemble the vagina. As shown in the picture above, if you separate the doll's legs, her vaginal opening will expand. This will help you easily change your vagina. You can flatten the sex doll on your ready blanket, slowly lift her left leg to 90 degrees, and then open it to the left. Then the right leg is opened in the same way.
Step3: Apply talcum powder to the vaginal orifice and detachable vagina
Before you insert a movable vagina, you need to do a simple maintenance of the vagina and the vaginal orifice. You can apply a thin layer of talc powder on the outer surface of the detachable vagina and on the inside of the vaginal orifice, which can help the movable vagina slide through the hole and also clean the doll.
Step 4: Complete the installation of your vaginal insertion
With adequate preparation, you can open the doll's vaginal cavity, insert the removable vagina completely, and ensure that it is in the initial position to ensure that the vagina is properly installed.
Removable vagina has more advantages than fixed vagina. It's easy to clean and dry, and it's cheaper to replace when it's damaged. So sex dolls with removable vaginas are more popular and easier to sell.

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