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By Vincent | 05 June 2020 | 1 Comments

The birth process of your sex doll

Many of our customers have expressed their interest in the manufacturing process of sex dolls for men. Today we will introduce the manufacturing process of our sex dolls to you, so that you can have a general understanding of the birth process of your dolls.

  1. The Body and the Head produce
We all know that the basic materials of the doll are metal skeleton and TPE material. Firstly, the body mould and head mold are linked and fixed with the metal skeleton, fix the model. Then, pour the melted TPE material is into the model at a high temperature, when cooled, the TPE body integrates perfectly with the metal frame.

  1. Semi-finished products processing
When the body and head parts are poured out of the mould, they are transferred to the semi-finished product processing workshop. Here, the technicians use scissors to cut the raised die lines on both sides of the body, then iron each defect finely, polish the areola, paste nails, stand settings, etc. ant then after cleaning, drying, smearing talcum powder, they are transferred to the semi-finished product area.

  1. The head makeup
Head makeup is a more meticulous job. The head model without makeup looks a little dull and slightly gloomy, but after technicians add eyeballs to it, attach false eyelashes, draw eyebrows with a fine brush, and embellish the lips and face, it looks lifelike immediately.

  1. Finished sex doll and delivery
Connect the head and body and wear wigs. This is the finished doll you ordered. Photographs are sent to customers to confirm if there is any problem. Arrange delivery if no problem. The packaging is 360 degree tight packaging, and confidential express delivery, people can not see sensitive information words.


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