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By Weber | 08 March 2020 | 0 Comments

Regular exercise, better sexual performance

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Many people know that regular exercise has many benefits, but one benefit that is often overlooked is sexual performance. A 2004 study in the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality showed that if you burn only 200 more calories a day, you can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.
Every sexual activity involves every muscle, blood vessel and nerve in your body. People often say that sex can promote good health. Proper sex life can increase your heart rate and your metabolism. When you have good exercise habits, it can improve your sexual performance, let you have better performance, and bring you and your partner ample satisfaction. If you do n’t have a heterosexual partner, how do you maintain a regular sex life? Sex dolls can help you, it can meet any of your different performances to meet your sexual needs, allowing you to avoid sexual dysfunction caused by lack of sex for a long time.
When you have better cardiovascular function, your big cock will be easier to erect because blood flows to it very easily. In addition, strength training not only strengthens your body, it can also reduce your stress. What kind of exercise can improve your sexual performance? Here are some suitable suggestions.
Exercise 1: Swimming
Swimming is a coordinated exercise of muscles throughout the body. Long-distance swimming will activate your muscles and burn excess body fat. If you can keep swimming 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes each time, then you can be as energetic as a rabbit. And your energy will make you have better endurance in sex.
Exercise 2: Push ups
Push-ups are designed to support the weight of your body by flexing your arms. It makes your muscles stronger and more endurable. It trains your upper body and abdomen, and when you use missionary poses during sex, you will feel the powerful thrust and endurance it brings you. When you have strong upper body strength, your sexual performance will not let your partner down.
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Exercise 3: Weightlifting
Weightlifting exercises the strength of whole body muscles, especially the waist and arms. Lifting weights allows the body to produce thoracic testosterone, a hormone that enhances male libido. Strong waist and arm strength, you can try more postures with your partner.
Exercise 4: Squats
Squats can strengthen the strength of the legs and increase the pelvic congestion. When you insist on holding dumbbells in both hands and keeping your body straight while bending your knees and hips, you will feel the soreness of the leg muscles, which can make your orgasm stronger.
Exercise 5: Brisk walking
Brisk walking, like running, is an intense aerobic exercise, which is believed to enhance blood circulation and flow, and keep blood vessels open. Studies have shown that aerobic exercise can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction by 30%. When you insist on brisk walking for a long time, you will find that your big cock is easier to erect, and it can persist longer.
There is another important benefit of long-term exercise. It can keep your body shape better and make you look sexier.

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