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By Weber | 29 July 2019 | 0 Comments

Long-term abstinence, be careful that your body is getting worse

Carlos, a 30-year-old man, visited our website last week and asked us to recommend some sexy real sex dolls for men to him. He suffered from constant pain and discomfort during his penis area, but there was no problem with ultrasonography. Doctors know that he has a girlfriend who is in a long-distance relationship, and both of them are conservative and have no sexual life. They diagnosed him as deliberate abstinence, irregular sexual life and sperm exclusion, resulting in long-term intermittent pain and discomfort.
Male doctors suggest that young people should say "NO" to asceticism. Young men who do not have regular sexual partners or regular sex life can engage in appropriate frequency of masturbation and regular ejaculation for the sake of physical and mental health. Compared with masturbation, doctors believe that young men's long-term abstinence is more harmful to their mental and physical health. It has the following effects on men:
Modern psychoanalysts believe that sexual desire is the most powerful instinctive response. If long-term abstinence, repression of their own sexual impulses and desires, will affect mental health, and then induce sexual dysfunction. The brain is the key to master eroticism. When the external visual, auditory or tactile stimuli are transmitted to the brain via nerves, the sexual center generates excitement, which makes the human body want to put into practice the "sexual" impulse, and gives instructions to the penis to erect. If the desire is intentionally suppressed for a long time, the human body will feel strange and alienated from the stimulation of the outside world. Over time, it will lead to low sexual desire.
Hyposexual function
Long-term abstinence can induce sexual organ dysfunction atrophy and sexual dysfunction.
For example, if a person does not speak for a long time, his language ability will become dull and wasted. Similarly, if there is no sexual life for a long time, sexual function will gradually deteriorate. Therefore, regular sexual life is the premise of guaranteeing men's good sexual function.

Sperm quality deteriorates
Abstinence for too long can also lead to poor sperm quality and reduced fertility in men. Sperm does not grow stronger with storage time. Instead, they metabolize like other cells. If abstinence lasts for a long time, the quantity and quality of sperm will be affected.
Induce chronic prostatitis
Long-term abstinence, irregular ejaculation, especially excessive inhibition of non-ejaculation when sexual stimulation, can also easily lead to recurrent excessive congestion of the prostate, chronic prostatitis, perineal pain and discomfort.
Moderate release is good for health
Regular and harmonious sexual life is conducive to young people's physical and mental health, but also increase the feelings between partners. A team of British researchers followed 1,000 men for 10 years and found that men who had sex twice or more a week lived significantly longer than those who had sex only once a month or less. Their risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents such as coronary heart disease, stroke and cerebral thrombosis was significantly reduced. Because sex is a process of overall physical excitement and exercise, which can promote endocrine and metabolism, promote male hormone secretion, and keep people in a young state both physically and psychologically. At the same time, satisfying sexual life between partners is also the need for emotional communication, which can make both parties feel the need and love for each other.

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