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By Weber | 05 October 2019 | 0 Comments

How Men Keep Sexual Capacity After 50 Year Old

Everyone has to go through the process of infants, children, youth, adulthood and old age. No one can resist the problem of aging in life. And with the increase of age, the speed of aging will accelerate. After a man is over 50 years old, the aging of sexual organs and functions will become faster and more difficult. So how can men maintain good sexual performance after they are 50 years old? Here are some good and bad habits to maintain good performance.
Good habits for maintaining sexual performance
  1. Appropriate and regular aerobic exercise
Proper aerobic exercise can provide human metabolism and blood circulation, and it can also promote human cardiopulmonary function, enhance physical exercise endurance, and delay the speed of aging. For example, running, swimming and jogging can help people maintain a healthier body, which also promotes men to maintain good sexual performance.
  1. Attention to control and regulate emotions
People in middle age often feel the pressure of life and work, and become restless and furious. But long-term tension and bad emotions have a huge negative impact on human performance. Bad emotions can affect sperm production and survival, but also affect male hormone secretion, resulting in premature ejaculation, impotence and other issues. So relaxing your mind and adjusting your mood are very important for a man to maintain his sexual capacity.
  1. Regular and interesting sexual life
Regular sexual life is an important secret for men to maintain sexual capacity. Interesting sexual life can enhance men's sexual desire. But many middle-aged men rarely have sex or begin to lack interest in it after they reach 50. Some men lose interest in sex after menopause without heterosexual partners or heterosexual partners after 50 years of age. Others begin to feel tired of the couple's life for more than 20 years. At this time, maybe men can consider buying a real sex doll for themselves, which can largely replace the role of heterosexual partners. It can satisfy your sexual needs at any time without rejecting or refuting you. More importantly, you can try a lot of fantastic ideas on real like sex dolls, which can better maintain your interest in sex.
  1. Keep warm bath and keep good sleep quality
Insufficient sleep or poor quality of sleep can make men extremely tired for a long time, which will overdraft their bodies and gradually weaken their sexual capacity. Men who lack sleep are always lacking in passion and listlessness in their sexual life, and they can't last long in the course of sexual intercourse. Warm water bath can accelerate the circulation of human blood system, help people eliminate fatigue and improve the quality of sleep. In addition, warm water bath can promote testicular blood supply, promote the secretion of male hormones and sperm formation and survival. So I recommend taking a warm bath and keeping a good sleep quality.
Bad habits that easily weaken sexual capacity
  1. Over-frequent sexual life
Sex consumes a lot of physical energy. Men need more time to rest and recover after they are 50 years old. If a man maintains a high frequency of continuous sex after 50 years, it will consume his body excessively and make him more powerless. They also have longer refractory periods, and become slow to respond to sexual stimulation, possibly causing erectile or ejaculatory difficulties.
  1. Excessive smoking and drinking
Alcohol and cigarettes can slow down the production of male hormones, cause confusion of gonadal hormones and reduce male sexual desire. Alcohol and nicotine can even inhibit sexual function and induce erectile dysfunction. So men need to control smoking and drinking after age 50 to avoid the influence of smoking and drinking on sexual desire.

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