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By Weber | 19 August 2019 | 0 Comments

Beautiful futuristic fantasy of sex dolls with AI

In the era of increasing popularity of sex dolls, people have more requirements and fantasies about sex dolls. People expect sex dolls to expand more functions and become more perfect partners besides satisfying sexual needs. Today, the hottest trend is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence can realize and replace part of human brain behavior through machine learning. What effect will it have if artificial intelligence is introduced into sex dolls?
Sex dolls with artificial intelligence become more like a real girl. Through a larger amount of data training, the sex doll can be more intelligent, so that she has more thinking, acceptance of human language and self-learning ability.
Sex dolls can read your mood
Assuming that the
real love doll is equipped with artificial intelligence with a built-in human psychological data model, it can automatically scan your facial expressions and connect your mobile data to understand your mood and mental state when you are busy or in trouble. She can release your anxiety and relieve your mood through music, dance or dialogue when you are tired or upset at work. It's like having a perfect life partner and having someone to talk to that person who can open your heart to.

Sex dolls realize intelligent housekeeping
When you want to devote yourself to your career, you need a partner to take care of your home. If you don't have a girlfriend or wife, it's hard because there are always problems in life that distract you. If a sex doll has automatic sensing, scanning and analysis functions and automatically connects to the shopping platform, then she can replace your wife or partner and become your perfect housekeeper. When your family is short of household goods or has shopping needs, a simple sentence tells your request to the sex doll, she can screen and buy the most affordable goods for you, so that you don't have to worry about shopping.
A sex doll is a self-learning sexual partner.
When you have sex with a real person, she may adjust to your needs according to your preferences or habits. But if you have sex with a sex doll, there will be a lack of mutual understanding and promotion. So if your sex doll learns from the data generated by each sexual intercourse, can you have a more perfect sexual experience? She can acquire and analyze your preferences and habits based on your behaviour towards breasts, vagina, lips and buttocks. She can adjust the size of your breast or mouth according to the size of your penis, so that you have the most comfortable feeling of wrapping. She can also adapt to your needs according to your favorite posture.
We expect that in the near future, with the development of artificial intelligence and sex industry, sex dolls can really have the function of artificial intelligence. She can not only satisfy the sexual needs of the host, but also let the host have a real feeling of companionship. She can do simple housework for you like your wife. She can understand and learn about your hobbies and become a perfect partner for you.

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