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By Vincent | 27 July 2019 | 0 Comments

5G era and sex doll industry

One of the hot topics in science and technology recently is the arrival of the 5G era, in which the major countries all over the world hope to take the lead by one or two steps. Why, because 5G is not only the acceleration of communication speed, but also the beginning of the era of real interconnection of all things.
So what changes will the 5G bring to the sex doll industry? In fact, many sex doll manufacturers are already working with technical experts and technology companies in this field. We believe that we will see exciting developments before long. Here are some changes we can imagine.
Application of Sensor Technology
Imagine that when you kiss her, rub her breasts or touch her vagina, the doll will moan accordingly, the temperature will change accordingly, and the body will become more and more lubricated. By using sensors, this is a real possibility, and there are now some simple applications on some sex dolls. When you have sex with her, she can even moan to you, and her hips may rotate to make the corresponding coordinated movements. Sensors can detect changes in temperature, friction, humidity and pressure, and then indicate that dolls with AI functions respond in a specific way.

AR and Sex Doll Shopping
There are online stores that allow users to try out makeup, clothing and even new hairstyles through applications and augmented reality technologies. Now imagine doing something similar to buying sex dolls. Soon, you can build a perfect sex doll through an application, and then use a mobile phone camera to visualize him or her in your bedroom.
Mobile Integration and Sex Dolls
Now we can use smartphones to buy life like adult dolls. Soon, we will be able to build our favorite sex dolls on the mobile end using a custom application. You can choose your doll's face, body shape, height, hair color and hairstyle, skin color, eye color, etc. Then you can see the 3D rendering on the screen and define it to your satisfaction.
Mobile integration will also go far beyond shopping experience. Now there are vibrators and other sex toys that can be controlled by smartphones. This means that you can experience sex with your partner hundreds of miles away. Imagine that when your partner controls what the doll says, the way it moves, and the speed and intensity of any vibration you can feel, you can even transmit the voice of your partner through the sex doll. Isn't it having sex with the sex doll is the same as having sex with your partner face to face?
All the changes are aimed at improving the experience of using sex dolls. What other changes do you think the 5G era will bring to our sex dolls? Welcome to comment and discuss with us?

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